Brand Love

Many people ask us, 

"Do you make your stuff ?" 

Which is such a GREAT question!

So we have created this page to help explain...  

Energie Goods was started by a yoga teacher named Ami, she didn't love the fit or lack of creativeness of the "big box" brands, so she started researching (for hours, and hours and hours turned into days and months and years). It became an obsession. There were so many AMAZING brandsout there but no one carried them locally and no one had them all together under one roof. The problem wasn't a lack of product but a lack of awareness & availability, so Ami used her knowledge and experience and started Energie. Energie Goods is a curation of LOTS of awesome brands.  Most of them are women owned. About 90% of them are manufactured here in the U.S.A. They all have YOU as their priorityand know how much you appreciate the details. Like, sustainable fabrics(yes, some leggings are made from recycled water bottles and no they don't feel crunchy), soft graphics (that make you smile), positivemessages (because we all could use more of that) and most importantly clothing that makes you feel goodand is easy to care for (who has time for hang dry?). 

Below are some of the brands we carry; the list gets bigger every month. 

We stand behind them and know you will too.   

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