About Us

Énergie, isn't just a collaboration of athleisure goodies, but a community of people interwoven together who show up and do their best. People who see the beauty in the chaos and know that happiness is a choice and not a destination.

‚Äč"As a yoga teacher, I find it’s important to know your intention behind what you are doing; to understand your why.  To go beyond the surface layer of a “goal” and instead tap into your heart’s longing; that inner voice that leads your passion and keeps you moving forward even when your brain is leading you somewhere else. When I dig past the quick response of “why” I started Énergie, and really tap into that intention my answer is always simply the same. I LOVE PEOPLE. The stories and triumphs and journeys and falls, the successes and heartaches, and the realization that amongst all our subtle differences we are so much the same. We breathe to connect to one another, and how powerful it is when people find that “thing” that makes them feel connected to themselves and others and creates an inner sparkle that is so contagious to everyone around them. I wanted to create a community of people who look and feel radiant, who ooze positive energy because good energy is contagious. Wouldn’t the world be so much better off if we created space for each other that was filled with support and positivity? This is why I chose the name Énergie, because we are all made from it. We create it, we give it off and in return absorb the energy of others. Now throw in some French influence from my husband’s family and my name (Ami, French for friend) and here we are. Énergie Goods, a brand that unites people and communities through authentic connections and only carries products from small companies of high quality and standards. Companies that understand your needs and how transformative it is to feel great in your own skin. These products were hand selected to support and inspire you."

-Ami Dodd

Owner and Visionary of Énergie

We understand the busy schedules, and the need for apparel to feel as good as it looks. We stock items from small companies that will add énergie and balance to your day. Your hustle just got better. So, whether you downdog, pump iron or run from meeting to errand and back again; we have selected these products for you.

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